How to obtain a Quotation

Please click on the insurance type you require

Below is a list of the different types of cover available and clicking on the type of insurance you require will either provide you with an option to download an appropriate proposal form or to make contact with the D&P office.

Please note that we are constantly developing our Website so as to keep you informed, make your experience more enjoyable and as least frustrating as possible. Due to the variations in activities undertaken within the Occupation Categories and the potential differences that can occur in the dynamics between same discipline sectors, as well as Insurers requirements constantly evolving, not all forms are offered as a downloadable version.

Professional Indemnity (Click here to show forms) Directors & Officers Liability (Click here to show forms) Intellectual Property Insurance (Click here to show forms) Legal Expenses (Click here to contact D&P) Cyber Liability & Data Breaches (Click here to contact D&P) Medical Malpractice for Practitioners (Click here to contact D&P) Corporate Medical Malpractice (Click here to contact D&P) Pensions Trustees Liability (Click here to contact D&P) Employment Practices Liability (Click here to contact D&P) Commercial Crime Insurance (Click here to contact D&P) Warranty & Indemnity Insurance (Click here to contact D&P) Social Welfare, Charities & Associations Liability (Click here to contact D&P) Publishers & Broadcasters Liability (Click here to contact D&P) Title Indemnities Insurance (Click here to contact D&P) Commercial Combined Insurance (Click here to contact D&P)

If you are requested to contact D&P, please click on 'Contact Us' which will then give you the option to call us with your details, or to send an email. We can then ascertain your requirements and provide you with an appropriate proposal form, or advise you as to what information we require and we can then proceed with obtaining terms for your consideration.