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Specialist insurance intermediary. Directors & Professionals Limited ('D&P') is a Specialist Insurance Intermediary and Consultancy, providing cost-effective solutions for individuals, partnerships, companies and other organisations through a wide range of bespoke insurance products which address the asset and liability exposures of commercial businesses. We understand that as an intermediary we need to continually demonstrate the "Value Add" we bring to the relationship, so from the outset we adopt a holistic overview of our clients' requirements by addressing both the clients insurance needs and provide risk management advice, drawn from a team of very experienced personnel.

Once you become a client of D&P, you will be allocated your specific account management team, (Account Director, Account Manager, Client Service Technician and Claims Service Provider. At D&P we offer our clients the option to receive communication either electronically or in hard copy which allows you to dictate your own personal service requirements.  We still think that looking at a screen monitor and attempting to review aspects of cover by trawling through documents consisting of in excess of 30 - 40 pages isn't every person's desire, so unless the client instructs us to the contrary, a hard copy of the policy document will be sent out in the post.

Close relationships with leading Insurers. Over the years we have built close relationships with leading Insurers and are able to constantly keep abreast of who the leading Insurers are for the classes of insurance we arrange on your behalf, one of the many benefits of dealing with D&P is that we are not tied to just one insurer. Price is important, and being able to acheive market competitive premiums but still retain continuity with the same insurer is something we strive to acheive. 

Clients are never left to fend for themselves. Unlike so many other insurance providers we maintain our involvement with our clients throughout the whole insurance process. Clients are never left to fend for themselves - especially when it counts, such as during the claims process, when experience and insurance market relationships are put to the real test.

"After all, isn’t that the underlying reason why insurance is purchased?"

Stand-alone cover to bespoke programs. What ever the size of your insurance portfolio, we are able to assist and offer a range of products from individual stand-alone cover, to insurance solutions which provide different elements of coverage under the one policy, or offer a bespoke program using a range of insurers to provide the best solution to your requirements.

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Service & Account Management

Service is a priority, we strive to make sure your experience is positive and that throughout all communications with D&P, you are kept informed with regard to all processes, whether its documentation relating to confirmation of covers, or the next process in the claims cycle.  Once you become a client of D&P, you will be allocated your specific account management team, (Account Director, Account Manager, Client Service Technician and Claims Service Provider.

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Traditional Communication

Whilst we appreciate the value of the internet and how it can support communication, we also know how frustrating it can be if you can't speak to a proper service provider, when your requirements extend greater than those afforded by digital communication only. Unlike many of our competitors, we understand some clients still value traditional communication and whilst we keep up-to-date with technology this is not at the expense of real conversation.

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