Professional Indemnity

In a litigious world, it's essential that your business is covered

For most disciplines including Accountants, Architects, Design and Media, Engineers, Environmental, Estate Agents, I.T., Recruitment, Solicitors, Surveyors and other professionals providing advice and/or a service.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is probably your most valuable asset

Offering a suite of protection options, in many cases just not available direct from the insurance market, for the pursuit and/or defence of disputes concerning the ownership and licensing of your intellectual property.

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Directors & Officers Liability

Acting with honesty and integrity is not enough - liability may still arise

In today’s business world, directors and officers of companies risk incurring personal liability for their actions or in-actions in the decisions they make, in their capacity as a director or officer of the company.

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Cyber Liability & Data Breaches

Valuable protection against Cyber threats to your business

Indemnity for financial loss exposures arising from damage to or loss of information from your IT systems and networks. 

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Executor & Inheritance Protection

Providing Executors and Administrators with peace of mind at a difficult time

A comprehensive probate protection product covering a wide range of risks that can negatively impact on the deceased's Estate, causing unnecessary concern to both the Administrator and the Estate's Beneficiaries.

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Commercial Combined (Assets & Liabilities)

Let our experienced team help you achieve the right solution

Tailored products to protect your assets (buildings and/or contents) and general liability exposures, against loss or destruction, including the mandatory requirements of Employers and Public Liability risks. 

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Other key services & products

Medical Malpractice for Practitioners

Cover for Negligent acts, Errors & Omissions, Abuse, Inquest Costs and Associated Liablity Exposures.  

Corporate Medical Malpractice

Medical Indemnity Insurance for health care providers providing broad cover for corporate medical malpractice in the UK and Channel Islands and also the Carribean Islands and Canada.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (‘EPLI’) provides protection in respect of legal costs and expenses and court awards.

Commercial Crime

The frequency and severity of fraud losses is increasing and there are instances being reported in the press almost on a daily basis. Includes "Electronic Transfers" - your clients won't pay you twice. 

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses Insurance allows the policy holder to defend or to pursue others with regards to protecting or enforcing their respective legal position.

Motor Fleet

Cover for your fleet of vehicles, providing one comprehensive policy for fleets of 3 vehicles or more.

Social Welfare, Charities & Associations Liability

Insurance designed specifically to provide indemnity for those who provide care and support for the young, elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society.

Pension Trustee Liability

Trustees of pension funds are like directors and officers of companies, they can be held personally liability, whether it's Corporate or Individual we have the solution.

Other Insurance Classes: also include Bonds, Contract Works, Events, General Liabilities, Medical Negligence, Personal Accident, Property (commercial and residential), Title Indemnity, Trade Credit and Business Travel

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